Renewable Energy Resource Mapping in Vietnam


Project Details
Project lead: Ky Hong Tran
Primary government counterpart: General Directorate of Energy, Ministry of Industry & Trade (MOIT)
Project ID: P145513
Scope and appointed consultants: Biomass mapping: Full Advantage, with SIMOSOL, VTT, MHG Systems, Wiltrain, PITCO, ENERTEAM, and the Institute of Energy as sub-contractors
Small hydro mapping: Gesto Energy
Wind mapping: DTU Wind (international consultant, responsible for modeling) and PECC3 (national consultant, responsible for measurement campaign)
Solar mapping: This was commissioned by AECID (the Spanish technical development agency) in partnership with MOIT, and carried out by CENER and CIEMAT. The GIS outputs presented below are hosted by the World Bank Group on their behalf.


GIS layers for the key solar and wind mapping outputs as well as maps and posters can be downloaded from the Global Solar Atlas and the Global Wind Atlas. All geospatial outputs are also available for visualization via the Irena Global Atlas. The measurement data is published on the EnergyData platform and it is freely available for download. Other outputs are listed below by project component.

Biomass mapping:
Phase 1 Outputs:
Training Workshop Report
Phase 2 Implementation Plan
Inception Report
Small hydro mapping:
Phase 3 Outputs:
Final Report 
Final Report - Annexes  
GIS data: Existing and Potential Small Hydro Projects 
Phase 1 Outputs:
Working Report on the Design of the GIS Database
Inception Report
Solar mapping:
(Commissioned by AECID)
Phase 2 Outputs:
Site Installation Report
Implementation Plan
Site Selection Report
Phase 1 Outputs:
Maps and Posters
GIS data
Published paper in the journal Energy Conversion and Management that summarizes the findings from this work
Wind mapping:
Phase 1 Outputs:
GIS Data and LIB Files 
Phase 2 Implementation Plan
Mesoscale Modeling Report


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