Activity Database

The ESMAP activity database provides details for all activities approved, funded and implemented by ESMAP since Fiscal Year 2009 under the FY2009-FY2013 Strategic Business Plan.


Note: a number of activities approved in FY2005-FY2007 are in the database, as they were still under implementation in FY2009.


Activities can be found using the interactive activity map search or search by activity: 


ESMAP Activity Search     ESMAP Activity Map


The activity search allows:


  • Filtering activities by title, country, region, fiscal year, program, product line, and sector.
  • Filtering activities by criteria specific to ESMAP’s M&E system such as status, outcome type, outcome indicator, outcome category, or social and gender aspects. 


The search will render an activity or list of activities under the selected criteria.  When an activity is selected, the full details of that activity are displayed in a template.  These details include:


  • Activity description, outputs, outcomes and implementation status
  • Activity outputs such as reports, which are downloadable through the links provided



View a summary detailing each section under each activity template in the ESMAP activity database. 


Results > Activity Database




Activity Search

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