The Energy Data Hub

The Energy Data Hub initiative is targeted to support World Bank Group clients, teams, development partners and other energy sector stakeholders to use the energy sector data and analytics for informed decision making.

The hub focuses on creating data visualizations tools and applications as well as aggregating and storing open data and applications sourced from WB as well as from its partner organizations on its open source platform, informing policy and investment decisions as well as enhancing transparency towards increased impact in the context of the SDG7 target of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030.

The main pillar of the initiative is the an open data platform that was launched in 2017 under the ESMAP with the objective of providing WBG staff, clients and third-party stakeholders with facilitated access to energy sector related data and advanced analytics toward informing strategic and project level decisions.

Currently, there are 557 datasets and 19 applications covering 193 countries with different levels of data availability. These apps and datasets inform and support energy sector planning activities, from on- and off-grid electrification programs, to renewable energy deployment. They play a key role in the WBG’s financing, technical assistance, and knowledge sharing activities, by being a “global public good” that can be used by countries directly and with the support of other development partners.