ESMAP Supported Board Approved Projects - June 2022

  • Accelerating Decarbonization under its Zero Carbon Public Sector window supported the preparation of India: Second Tamil Nadu Housing Sector Strengthening Program Development Policy Loan (P178329), Development Policy Loan (DPL) of $190M, which is scheduled for June 30. The grant support is through TF0B7919, $130K. The support activities were to prepare and define the prior action to promote building energy efficiency and climate resilience in government policies and regulations. This was achieved by the Government of Tamil Nadu through an order to adopt mandatory thermal comfort and energy efficiency design criteria in accordance with the energy efficiency building code (Eco-Niwas Samhita Code) and the Resilient Urban Design Framework for all new housing projects supported by the Tamil Nadu Housing Board and Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board. 
  • Energy Subsidy Reform Facility (ESRF): Approved on June 23, 2022, the project was informed by an ESMAP ESRF funded grant for Supporting Energy Sector Reform to Improve Financing Viability (P174466).  The grant provided analytical foundations for the preparation of the Kyrgyz Republic - Electricity Sector Modernization and Sustainability Project (P177871), an IPF, whose project development objective is to improve the financial performance and operational reliability of the electricity sector. The ESMAP grant-funded activities will continue to support policy dialogue with the Government and sector entities and inform the Government on improving the sector financial viability including preparation of the new tariff with social protection consideration.
  • Clean Cooking Fund (CCF): ESMAP provided RETF co-financing of $3.55 million ($3.15m for institutional cooking from the associated TF from Denmark and $400K from the hydropower facility for a feasibility study of a hydro pumped storage for Additional Financing to Rwanda Energy Access and Quality Improvement Project. The AF package ($3.55 million ESMAP RETF and $10.81 carbon finance from Ci-Dev) has been submitted to RVP is expected to be approved by end of this month.

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