ASTAE Annual Status Report FY 2013

Fiscal Year 2013 was the second year of the four-year FY2012-2015 Business Plan for the Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF), which now exceeds US$24 million. ASTAE continues to use this endowment to fund World Bank executed activities and has now added recipient-executed trust fund activities to its growing regional portfolio. In FY13, ASTAE supported activities in 12 of its 31 client countries, including 12 new activities in 8 countries and 3 new regional-level activities.

The total FY13 allocation was about US$3.8 million, of which 40 percent went toward renewable energy initiatives; 37 percent supported improving access to energy; and the remaining 23 percent helped to improved energy efficiency. Indonesia was the largest beneficiary of ASTAE funding (16 percent) in FY13 with Small Island Developing States also well represented. ASTAE's client countries in the East Asia and the Pacific region received 80 percent of allocations, with the remainder (20 percent) going to countries in the South Asia Region.

ASTAE Annual Status Report FY 2012




World Bank. 2013. ASTAE: Annual Status Report FY 2013. Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy Program. Washington, DC: World Bank Group.

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