Energy Climate Finance

The Challenge

ESMAP serves as a think tank for climate finance by conceptualizing and developing high-impact programs that can leverage financing for climate action. To date, ESMAP has been instrumental in establishing five climate finance programs and expanding World Bank investments for energy transition, in partnership with Clean Technology Fund (CTF), Green Climate Fund (GCF), and a host of bilateral donors.

ESMAP provides a comprehensive combination of clean energy advisory services and analytics, project development support, and partnerships with climate finance institutions to World Bank teams and their country clients. This approach has been replicated for energy storage, renewable energy risk mitigation, and coal transition, in which ESMAP identified the investment need, helped forge global consensus on the approach to addressing risks and costs, developed program proposals for climate finance, and supported countries to develop an investment project pipeline for IBRD/IDA blended with concessional climate finance. Now, there is further potential to do the same in efficient and clean cooling, offshore wind, net zero emissions buildings, industrial decarbonization, and green hydrogen under ESMAP’s 2021-2024 Business Plan.