JOINT REPORT | Measuring Energy Access: a Guide to Collecting Data Using the Core Questions on Household Energy Use

This guidebook provides survey practitioners with the requisite tools and technical support to successfully integrate the new energy access questions into existing national household surveys. It also provides support on the computation of data collected to track the progress toward SDG 7.1, towards informing more effective policies and programs.

The document is organized as follows: the first section establishes the need for improving survey questions intended to capture household energy use. Section two focuses on tracking SDG 7.1.1 on the proportion of population with access to electricity. Section three presents the methodology to track SDG 7.1.2 on the proportion of population with primary reliance on clean fuels and technology. Finally, section four provides guidance on integrating the Core Questions on Household Energy Use into existing surveys. The survey module is presented in full in appendix one.


Koo,Bonsuk; Lewis,Jessica; Portale,Elisa; Adair-Rohani,Heather; Siwatu,Gbemisola Oseni; Palacios-Lopez,Amparo; Gourlay,Sydney; Contreras Gonzalez,Ivette Maria; Pinto,Alisha Noella.

Measuring Energy Access : A Guide to Collecting Data Using the Core Questions on Household Energy Use (English). LSMS Guidebook Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group. 

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