ESMAP Knowledge Exchange Forum 2018 | Presentations

DAY 1 | October 30, 2018


Opening Remarks by Ivo Germann, SECO, Head of Operations


Session 1 | Energy Subsidies: State of Play

Moderator:  Marianne Fay, Chief Economist, The World Bank


Session 2 | Building Public Awareness and Support for Subsidy Reforms

Moderator:  Heather Worley, Sr. Strategy & Operations Officer, The World Bank


Session 3 | How Have Countries Mitigated the Impact of Subsidy Reform on the Poor?

Moderators: Peter Wooders, GSI/IISD


Session 4 | Managing Oil Price Volatility

Moderator: Ronald Steenblik, OECD



DAY 2 | October 31, 2018


Session 5 | Impact on Energy-Intensive Sectors: Firm and Employment

Moderator: Dr. Sudarshan Gooptu, Lead Economist, The World Bank shared some insights before welcoming his panelists.


Session 6 | Reforming Subsidies in the Power Sector

Moderator: Guy Bonvin, SECO


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