ESMAP E-Bulletin | July-August-September, 2018


October 24 2018
Solar measurement data, regional least-cost planning, and pre-feasibility analyses supported by ESMAP have laid the groundwork for a large World Bank investment in West Africa to mobilize private sector financing in solar energy.
October 24 2018
ESMAP underpinned a US$150 million World Bank grant to strengthen electricity supply infrastructure and improve system security and reliability.
October 24 2018
ESMAP has supported a World Bank project to improve Pakistan’s energy security, scale up solar power capacity, and reach 200,000 low access households with solar home systems.
October 24 2018
An innovative financing mechanism designed with ESMAP’s help enables energy cost savings to be reinvested in energy efficiency and drives a World Bank project to improve energy efficiency in health sector buildings.
July 27 2018
Building on ESMAP’s successful work in Brazil, a new World Bank project is set to mobilize private investment at scale in efficient street lighting and industrial energy efficiency. As part of the project ESMAP was instrumental in securing $195 million from the Green Climate Fund.
October 4 2018
With support from ESMAP, a new World Bank electrification project will leverage private sector investments in solar mini grids and standalone solar systems to provide electricity to 2.5 million people and 70,000 micro, small, and medium enterprises.

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Published on: 10/26/2018