PAST EVENT | ESMAP Solar Learning Event
Venue: Ouarzazate, Morocco | February 3-5, 2019


The solar learning event targeted policymakers and practitioners from World Bank client countries who shared their experiences, successes and challenges on solar deployment in their countries.  Participants also shared lessons from their ongoing solar projects supported by the World Bank. 


ESMAP team showcased new knowledge work and analytical tools developed in ESMAP to support World Bank teams and clients. In addition to speakers from client countries and World Bank staff, several expert speakers were also invited.   

Topics of Discussion

The exchange covered utility-scale solar (PV and CSP), rooftop solar, floating solar, storage, grid integration, competitive bidding (solar auctions), project financing, and a range of other issues related to solar deployment.

The ESMAP Solar Learning Event 2019 was planned to coincide with the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) 10th anniversary event which took place in Ouarzazate from January 28 to February 2.  The ESMAP Solar Learning Event 2019 kicked off with a site visit to the Ouarzazate solar complex on February 3. 



Sunday, February 2, 2019

Technological Solutions to Address Clients’ Needs  

Moderator | Oliver Knight (WB)

Comprehensive Solar Solutions | Hybrid Solar Parks

Presentation | Abderrahim Jamrani (MASEN) | Storage Mix to Enhance Renewable Penetration

Country Case Studies followed by Q&A: 

Jatindra Nath Swain (Solar Energy Corporation of India) | Hybrid Solar Parks in India;

Rodrigo Valdéz (Federal Electricity Commission, Mexico) | Agua Prieta Hybrid in Mexico;

Manuel Millan (WB) | Hybridization in Weak Power Systems 

Floating & Hydro-Connected Solar PV

Presentation: Celine Paton (Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore) Country Case Study and Q&A: 

Zuzana Dobrotkova (WB) | Hydro-Connected Solar PV in West Africa

Monday, February 4, 2019

Planning and Grid Integration   

Moderator | Silvia Martinez Romero (WB)

Planning & Geospatial Planning with Solar Energy

Presentations | Fernando de Sisternes and Oliver Knight (WB ESMAP)

Country Case Studies and Q&A: 

Nicolas Chouleur (Everoze) | Accelerating Solar Development Using Geospatial Analyses;

Maysoun Al-Rawabdeh (NEPCO, Jordan) | Renewable energy Planning in Jordan

Grid Integration of Solar Energy and Role of Storage

Presentation | Simon Müller (International Energy Agency) | Grid Integration of Solar Energy, Flexibility and Role of Storage

Country Case Studies and Q&A: 

Cristián González Veloso (Solar Committee and Energy Innovation, Chile) | Role of solar Energy in the National Electric System of Chile;

Frederic Verdol (WB) | Battery deployment in South Africa

Regulations and Business Models for Distributed Solar

Moderator | Alan Lee (WB)

Policy and Regulation for Distributed Solar

Presentation | Alan Lee (WB) | Regulations and Business Models for Distributed Solar

Country Case Study and Q&A: 

Dan Li (Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association) | Distributed PV Development in China; 

Dilan Kavruk (Direction General for Energy Affairs, Turkey) | Regulatory Support for Rooftop Solar Market in Turkey

Distributed PV Business Models and Market Development

Presentations | P C Sharma (International Solar Alliance) and Mani Khurana (WB) Country Case Studies and Q&A: 

Ramling Vishwanath (State Bank of India) | SBI Line of Credit for Rooftop Financing in India;

Sandeep Kohli (WB) | Rooftop solar, Lessons from the Maldives

Tuesday, February 5

Role of Auctions and Local Value Creation

Moderator | Frederic Verdol (WB)

Key Factors that Make a Successful Auction and a Good Power Purchase Agreement

Presentation | Bhanu Mehrotra (IFC) | Solar Auctions 

Country Case Studies and Q&A: 

Pervelan Govender (IPP office, South Africa) | REIPPP Program of South Africa

Almudena Mateos Merino (WB) | Armenia Masrik-1 Solar Project

Local Value and Job Creation

Presentation | Diala Hawila (International Renewable Energy Agency) | Renewable Energy Benefits and Auction Design Elements that Can Support them

Country Case Study and Q&A: 

Youssef Stitou (MASEN, Morocco) | Socio-Economic Benefits of Noor Solar Complex

Structuring and Financing Support to Clients  

Moderator | Almudena Mateos Merino 

Structuring of Solar Projects and Role of Guarantees

Presentations | Arnaud Braud (WB Financial Solutions) & Nadia Taobane (WB ESMAP) | Country Case Study and Q&A: 

Maximiliano Morrone (Ministry of Treasury, Argentina | RenovAr Program

Energy Climate Finance for Solar Projects

Presentation | Chandra Govindarajalu (WB Energy Climate Finance)

Country Case Study and Q&A: 

Mohamed Sahri (MASEN, Morocco) | Catalyst Role of Climate Finance for Noor Projects

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