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Image by Jacqueline Sibanda

The World Bank, with support from ESMAP, helped Myanmar prepare the National Electrification Plan and a roadmap for its implementation in 2015. The goal is to bring electricity to everyone in the country by 2030 with modern solar home systems or mini grids in the most remote villages that would otherwise have had to wait years for grid connection.

Lighting the Way for Growth in Rural Myanmar

ESMAP's grants of more than 3 million dollars have been instrumental in supporting electrification efforts in Myanmar as part of the World Bank-funded National Electrification Project since 2014.

The project has provided electricity to more than 2 million people, 10,000 health, education, and religious facilities, and over 40,000 streetlights. Grid extension has been complemented by mini grid and off-grid solar solutions in remote rural areas, which have contributed to local economic development, income generation, job creation, and social inclusion.

Citizen engagement, social inclusion, and gender monitoring mechanisms have been incorporated in the electrification program to enhance its sustainability and development impact. Recently, the citizen engagement mechanism has been utilized to increase public awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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