Energy Intensive Sectors of the Indian Economy | Path to Low Carbon Development (Full Report), South Asia Region

Initiated in 2005, this study was requested by the government of India to: (a) develop the analytical capacity required to help identify low carbon growth opportunities, up to the end of the 15th Five Year Plan (March 2032), in major sectors of the economy; and (b) facilitate informed decision-making by improving the knowledge base and raising national and international awareness of India’s efforts to address global climate change. India is at a unique juncture in its development.


Prior to the recent global economic and financial crisis, its gross domestic product (GDP) grew at more than 9 percent annually between 2003 and 2007, with high rates of investment and savings and strong export growth. This rapid economic growth generated substantial potential for public and private investments in infrastructure development. As outlined in India’s 11th Five Year Plan (April 2007-March 2012), the government of India is aiming to double per capita GDP over 10 years. Achieving such rapid income growth for a country as populous as India will require transformative changes in all sectors, including in the energy sector.


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