Issue | February 2010

Esmap AR

This edition contains activities carried out between November 2009 and January 2010.



•   2009  ESMAP Annual Report Released

•   Power Sector Vulnerability Assessments: Training Session

•   Regional Energy Integration: Early Findings 

•   South East Europe: Results of a Study on Power Sector Integration

•   Show Case of Albania’s Climate Vulnerability Assessment to WB Staff">

•   ESMAP’s Energy Efficient Cities Initiative Attains Early Gains in 2010

•   New Toolkit for Large-Scale Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

•   REMTI Just Released a Brochure Outlining Its Program and Achievements

•   Clean Technology Fund approves $750 million for Solar Power 

•   Mexico Adopts New Law to Diversify Energy Sources 

•   Highlight: ESMAP’s Gender and Energy Development Strategies Program

•   Unveiled Monitoring System to Allow Nepalese Gauge Energy Benefits  

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Published on: 02/01/2010