Public Procurement of Energy Efficient Products Workshop Proceedings | Annex 3

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The AFREA gender and energy program has been supporting activities in six countries: Senegal, Mali, Benin, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. As part of this work, a Gender and Energy Capacity Building and…
April 7 2015
The workshop was designed to disseminate China’s successful experience in energy efficiency and promote South-South knowledge exchange on energy efficiency between China and other Asian countries.
February 1 2015
This publication documents the proceedings of the Second Clean Stove Initiative (CSI) Forum and South-South Knowledge Exchange Event of the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific (EAP) CSI Program, which…
November 30 2014
Attendees shared their experiences and challenges in developing policies and programs that ensure that public agencies purchase energy efficient equipment. Such programs are important as energy…
June 28 2012