Stage 5.1 Obtain data for CBA

Who's Involved
  • Assignment Management Team and some of workshop participants
Timing and time required
  • During meetings after the ‘Climate risk management and cost benefit analysis’ workshop
  • 1 day
Key questions
  1. What would be required to implement each adaptation option?
  2. How long would each take to be implemented?
  3. What would each option achieve?
  4. How much would each option cost to implement?
  5. How much fuel would be used?
  6. What external costs and benefits would be realized by implementing each option?
  7. What are the constraints on implementing each option?
  • ‘Climate risk management and cost-benefit analysis’ workshop summary form
  1. Face-to-face meetings should be held following the workshop to try and obtain as much data as possible that can be utilized in the CBA.
  2. The required data are listed under Stages 4.4 and 4.5.
  3. A written list of formal data requests may need to be sent following the face-to-face meetings in order to obtain specific data.
  4. Where ever possible, local data related to the adaptation options should be obtained and utilized in the CBA. Cross-referencing or benchmarking with international best practice should also be carried-out.
  • Completed narrative description of each adaptation option and tabulation of data to be used in the CBA (to be included in final study report).