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October 21 2014 Powering Up Myanmar: More than 7 Million New Electricity Connections Needed by 2030 Myanmar has one of the lowest electrification rates in the world. Even with gains in recent years, only 33 percent of the population has an electricity connection. Lack of power threatens Myanmar’s economic transition. It restricts the expansion of infrastructure projects, puts industrial development on hold, and slows down job growth. In…


August 5 2014
In Tanzania, the World Bank worked with the Rural Energy Agency to conduct an internal assessment of organizational structure and policies, to help ensure that women were getting equal access to energy services and programs.
August 14 2014
An Indonesian government program to promote safer cooking practices could prevent 165,000 premature deaths from cookstove pollution every year, according to an ASTAE report. The report, Indonesia: Toward Universal Access to Clean Cooking, summarizes key findings and recommendations from Phase I of the Indonesia Clean Stove Initiative (CSI). Supported by the World Bank and undertaken by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, this multi-phase program aims to introduce, in stages, affordable, biomass-fueled cookstoves to the 24.5 million Indonesian families – or 40 percent of households – who still use traditional biomass, mostly firewood, for cooking.
March 6 2014
São Paulo was awarded the 2014 'MobiPrize' for innovation in urban mobility at the Intelligent Transport Systems Conference in Detroit in September 2014. This award recognizes local governments that have demonstrated active efforts to build a culture of innovation in sustainable transportation. The prize was awarded to São Paulo in part for its initiatives on open municipal transport data and starting a mobility lab – initiatives that were conducted in partnership with the World Bank with support from ESMAP. The open data has made possible a number of software solutions to make transport in the city more efficient.



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