PUBLISHEDOctober 29 2014
AUTHOR(S)World Bank
Toward Sustainable and Energy Efficient Urban Transport: Mayoral Guidance Note #4

Though securing a sustainable urban transport system in any city is a complex task, it can be achieved through the foundation of a clear vision, sound policies, comprehensive plans, and strong institutions. It needs strong champions who not only know what is to be done, but also have the influence and courage to execute their vision.



The objective of this guidance note is to present a systematic, practical, and comprehensive approach to dealing with the problems of urban transport.  It outlines a framework of possible interventions and demonstrates how such interventions relate to the overall objectives of improving mobility and energy efficiency as well as reducing air pollution and road accidents.



Thereafter, it highlights a range of cross-cutting issues that need to be addressed and also suggests steps to create an enabling environment to move towards a sustainable urban transport system. Its target audience is the city-level leadership and key decision makers responsible for sustainable urban mobility. 



Energy Efficient Cities Initiative




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