Issue | July - August 2015

August 12 2015 Cheap and Clean | Brazil's Power Planning and Auctioning System through Indian Eyes With among the largest installed power capacities in the world but with rapidly growing energy needs, India has embarked on an ambitious program to vastly expand wind and solar electricity generation. Brazil has for decades operated a power system with significant levels of renewable energy--mainly hydro, but in recent years with increasing…


August 3 2015
Representatives from 14 developing countries and international organizations met to share solutions to make cities more efficient, sustainable and livable.
August 12 2015
A large share of the electricity and transportation in small island states continues to be fueled by imported petroleum products while energy infrastructure tends to be small and isolated. Representatives from 13 of these small island states as well as international and bilateral organizations shared lessons and solutions.
July 30 2015
An ESMAP-funded low carbon urban transport study proposes to develop “multi-modal centers” (MMCs) to integrate bus, railway, car, motorcycle, and non-motorized transport such as walking or bicycling.



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Published on: 07/01/2015