Issue| September - October 2015

September 23 2015 Electricity to Transform Rural Myanmar With support from the World Bank and ESMAP, the Government of Myanmar is putting in place an ambitious National Electrification Plan to bring electricity to every part of the country.


August 21 2015
After years of struggle, Kenya's national utility has found a way to bring electricity to the country's poorest neighborhoods. Using a community-based approach, Kenya Power has gone from 5,000 households connected under its informal settlements program to over 150,000 in just one year. The community approach marketed the advantages of the safety and affordability of the legal connections. As part of a larger World Bank project to help Kenya Power expand and modernize the country's electricity sector, ESMAP organized knowledge exchanges for Kenya Power with utilities in other countries that had successfully expanded electricity in urban poor neighborhoods.
September 2 2015
Mexico has set ambitious goals for increasing the share of wind and solar in its energy mix. This is accompanied by a growing need for flexible resources to mitigate the variability of wind and solar generation. Pumped storage hydropower plants can play the role of a generator or load as required and can make a significant contribution to the stability of power supply. The World Bank's Latin America & Caribbean energy team, ESMAP, SENER (Mexico's Ministry of Energy), and the Comisión Federal de Electricidad organized a joint workshop in July 2015 in Mexico City, where experts shared insights on pumped storage technologies and applications as well as the regulatory, legal, and economic conditions that have made the expansion of pumped storage possible in their countries.
September 28 2015
Detailed maps are being created to support the expansion of small hydropower – a promising source of power for a country with growing energy needs.



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Published on: 09/01/2015