Gender Equality and Energy Online Course

Dates:  November 16, 2015 - December 18, 2015 | REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

The Overview consists of five 20 minute presentations with additional reading and a post-quiz. Energy affects women and men differently, as men and women have different roles and responsibilities in households, markets and their communities.

This makes their access, use, and the impact of energy services also different. This facilitated 5 week course explores linkages between gender and energy through video presentations, readings, quizzes, interactive problem-solving exercises, and online discussions.

The following 6 topics will be covered:

  1. Overview of gender equality and energy

  2. Gender and energy access: household energy and rural electrification

  3. Gender equality and electricity infrastructure

  4. Gender and clean energy: renewable energy and energy efficiency

  5. Gender and energy policies

  6. Tools and guidance

Participants will have increased capacity and knowledge on research, data and country level experience. After the course, participants can stay connected to this network of practitioners by joining the online Gender and Energy Practitioners’ Network (join)

In Collaboration with the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program

Target Audience: This module targets multiple stakeholders, especially social development and energy specialists, including policy makers, practitioners, and civil society organizations’ staff that have a special interest in a more in-depth look at issues related to gender and energy.

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