Issue | January - February 2016

January 14 2016 Rural Senegalese Women Spearhead Sustainable Energy Management in Kaffrine Kaffrine's women are owning a movement that is breaking down gender stereotypes, reforming the charcoal value chain, and boosting village incomes.


February 22 2016
South Asia has nearly 400 million people without access to electricity and 1.1 billion people who lack access to clean cooking. With funding from ESMAP and ASTAE, the Umbrella Initiative for Sustainable Energy Access in South Asia focused on developing frameworks that encourage the participation of multiple stakeholders in project design and implementation.
February 12 2016
The Kyrgyz Republic's population relies heavily on electric heating in the winter, especially in the capital of Bishkek, but the reliability of the energy supply is deteriorating and ageing infrastructure contributes to high thermal losses. With support from ESMAP, a project team conducted a technical and economic assessment for the district heating system.
February 9 2016
In October 2014, the Haiti government increased fuel prices by about eight percent, which, combined with the decline in international oil prices, eliminated fuel subsidies. With ESMAP support, the World Bank delivered two workshops, a training session on analyzing the effects of fuel price reforms, and the provision of a consultant to provide real-time technical assistance.
June 16 2017
If Turkey is to continue its trajectory of economic growth in a sustainable manner, energy efficiency will be of critical importance. The Government of Turkey has recognized this and has placed energy efficiency as a key component of both its energy strategy and its National Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. However, while the overall policy framework is relatively strong, critical institutional and functional gaps remains which would prevent Turkey from realizing its stated energy efficiency goals, concludes a new World Bank report, Republic of Turkey: Institutional Review of Energy Efficiency.



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Published on: 02/22/2016