Issue | March - April 2016

April 26 2016 Scaling Up Urban Energy Efficiency in Mexico: How Two Pilots Led to a National Program and Leveraged Investment A new Municipal Energy Efficiency Strategy will finance the design and implementation of investments in several Mexican cities across the country.


March 10 2016
South Asia faces challenges in water availability that will only grow with increasing consumption from a growing population and demands from other sectors such as energy and food. With support from ESMAP, the World Bank led a study and produced a report on Low Water High Growth in South Asian Economies that addresses the economic barriers and geographic constraints of sustainable water management in the region.
April 22 2016
Since 2011, Jordan has made significant progress in developing new renewable energy private sector projects and is on track to reach its target of 10 percent renewable energy in the overall energy mix by 2020. The World Bank is supporting the government’s economic reform program in the energy and water sectors through the $250 million Programmatic Energy and Water Sector Reforms DPL, which aims to improve financial viability and increase efficiency gains in the energy and water sectors. Technical assistance, funded by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), is helping the government implement the reforms outlined in the first DPL and lays the foundation for a subsequent second program.
April 25 2016
One of the largest solar parks in the world, at 2 GW, is planned for construction in Pavagada Taluk in the Karnataka state of India. ASTAE financed a grant for the Bank team to prepare the groundwork for developing its own lending to the Pavagada solar park and similar projects elsewhere in India.



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Published on: 04/25/2016