Renewable Distributed energy resources (DER) are relatively small and variable sources of power connected to the distribution grid and widely distributed geographically and even more difficult  to control and dispatch than centralized renewable generation sources. 

Large electrical power networks have historically been designed using centralized power generating stations supplying customer loads over interconnected transmission and distribution networks. Unlike transmission networks, distribution networks are radial systems designed for one- directional flows. Increasing the penetration level of distributed renewable energy sources is requiring adjustments to the existing distribution infrastructure and operating procedures at the circuit level.

This workshop provided Bank staff a better understanding of the political, societal, and technical impacts associated with distributed renewable energy integration. The first day session presented a higher-level overview of distributed energy resources, energy use, and energy technologies and will finish up with an in-depth discussion of distributed generation interconnection issues.  The second day focusded on many of the technical concerns, tools, modeling platforms and mitigation measures employed by utilities. Cases studies were used to illustrate the challenges and solutions faced by utilities and policy makers. The intent of the workshop was to encourage audience interaction by soliciting input from all speakers.

This workshop was designed to appeal to a diverse group of participants and not just engineers, but nonetheless had a strong technical component. 

Speakers and Discussants

Michael Coddington, US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Sr. Engineer

Blake Lundstrom, Research Electrical Engineer, US NREL

Emerson Reiter, Project Leader, US NREL


Silvia Martinez Romero, Senior Renewable Energy Specialist, ESMAP, The World Bank


  1. Conventional and Renewable Generation

  2. DC Power Systems

  3. Integration of Renewables: Challenges and Solutions

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