Engaging Countries through Policy Dialogue for Energy Efficiency
November 30 2010

Buildings account for close to 40 percent of energy consumption in most countries. The potential for energy savings is large and compelling, and can often be achieved at low or no costs. The Energy Efficient Cities Initiative (EECI)  which aims to promote energy efficient programs and planning among cities in developing countries is working with Sustainable Buildings Network  towards common energy efficient approaches and policies.

The International Energy Agency invited the World Bank and the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) to present  their efforts in promoting energy efficiency in buildings at the Sustainable Buildings Network Conference held in Paris in mid  November, 2010.  The World Bank Group  highlighted its efforts in engaging countries through national policy dialogues, in working with the private sector to develop energy efficiency business, in directly investing in energy efficient projects, and in expanding the carbon market.

"The Sustainable Buildings Network  will be a valuable platform for sharing knowledge and good practices and would help channel information flows more effectively and improve the robustness of policy advices," said Feng Liu, Senior Energy Specialist, ESMAP "ESMAP will be able to bring its own knowledge and experiences from the WBG's activities in the building sector into the Sustainable Buildings Network , which in return could help the WBG and its client countries design and deliver more effective policy interventions," he added.

The Sustainable Buildings Network was launched in May 2010, as an outcome of both the Heiligendamm Process and the International Partnership on Energy Efficiency Collaboration (IPEEC). Its main purpose is to share information, identify and disseminate best practices, and provide major stakeholders – in particular policy makers – with evidence-based advice and practical guidance.  .

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