CityLED Streetlight Financing Tool Allows Cities to Evaluate Financial and Economic Benefits

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CityLED is a software platform developed by the Energy Global Practice of the World Bank with the support of the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP).

The LED Streelight Financing Tool allows cities to evaluate the financial economic benefits, including energy, lamp replacement (equipment & labor) and emission reduction benefits, of switching from conventional lighting to LED lamps.  While city staff (mayor's office/executive team, finance department, public works department, etc.) are the primary target users, the tool can also help potential financiers (e.g., local financial institutions, national, multilateral, bilateral development agencies), and others to identify opportunities.  The tool performs the following functions:

  • Allows easy entry of city-specific data;
  • Provides proxy data for users when city-specific data is not available;
  • Estimates financial, economic, energy, and emission reduction benefits;
  • Provides comparisons of financial performance (NPV, IRR, simple payback) of different implementation scenarios defined by the user (different assumptions of penetration rates, interest rate, or other financial terms); and,
  • Allows users to adjust key assumptions and parameters to identify optmial solutions for their specific project.

Disclaimer: The World Bank releases subsequent versions of CityLED and recommends licensees to register with us after installing the program so we can notify you about updates, features, and new releases of CityLED. New versions may not be compatible with previous versions. CityLED performance critically depends on having the latest version. (Latest update: May 2018).

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