Resource Mapping - Procurement

All country projects funded under this initiative have competitively procured the required consulting services, and the appointed vendors are listed on each country project page.

ESMAP also carried out two selection processes to establish a Roster of Firms for the provision of biomass mapping and solar measurement services. The Roster is used to narrow down future selections to vendors that have the required experience and expertise. The following vendors were selected under these processes:

Biomass Mapping: AECOM | Applied Geosolutions | Ecofys | FRM-France | Full Advantage | Gesto Energy | Noveltis | SHER | Trama Tecnoambiento

Solar Measurement Services: 3E | Ammonit Measurement | CSP Services | CUBE Engineering | Geonica | GeoSUN Africa | GroundWork Renewables | Suntrace

ESMAP carried out a procurement process to award Master Agreements for the provision of solar and wind resource assessment and mapping services over a multi-year period. The vendors selected are listed below.

Solar Mapping: Solargis

Wind Mapping: VORTEX

ESMAP also has a long-term Framework Contract with the Technical University of Denmark (“DTU Wind”) in relation to wind mapping, and in particular long-term co-development of the Global Wind Atlas.

Note that the procedures outlined above do not cover procurement of services under projects that are implemented by client country governments with World Bank financing, for which further details can be obtained via the Operational Procurement section of the World Bank website.