Role of Markets in Decarbonized Power Systems
PAST EVENT | Online Capacity Building on the Role of Markets in Decarbonized Power Systems

The world is undergoing a fast-paced energy transition driven by rapidly changing technological, environmental, and economic factors. Many developing countries face an urgent need to adapt their power systems to take advantage of these developments.

As power systems increasingly become dependent on solar and wind, climate change adds further vulnerability risks. Innovations in smart grids, communications, and technologies provide new opportunities to address the variability of renewables. These innovations also enable dispatchable demand response and distributed generation to extend to the mass market. How can well-functioning electricity markets—both domestic and regional—provide efficient price signals to guide dispatch and to inform the right types of investments? Answers to these questions can be complex and differ from country to country, and that is why we are inviting you to a training session where you will hear a variety of first-hand experiences from India, Turkey, and the United States.

The training featured discussions and presentations by well-known practitioners – Dr. Frank Wolak, a former chair of the Market Surveillance Committee of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), Mr. Baris Sanli, Advisor, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (Turkey), and Dr. Sushanta Chatterjee, Chief of Regulatory Affairs at the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC, India), among others. 

Topics covered:

DAY 1 | Monday, September 13            

Decarbonization and green energy agenda, introduction to flexibility technology and market trends

DAY 2 | Tuesday, September 14          

Challenges and solutions: what is needed in terms of support mechanisms for renewables, as well as tariffs and grid charges

DAY 3 | Wednesday, September 15

New market design for flexibility (Part 1): ancillary services, capacity markets and scarcity pricing

DAY 4 | Thursday, September 16

New market design for flexibility (Part 2): long-term contracts, power purchase agreement design, capacity auctions, and contracts for difference

DAY 5 | Friday, September 17

Case studies: Turkish electricity market's decarbonization challenge, designing and implementing market mechanism in India towards decarbonization, capacity market designs in Europe (Bulgaria and Greece)

Where? All sessions will take place virtually on the GoToMeeting platform

When? Mornings, DC time.

Cost? The training is free of charge.

Recordings? Recordings will be made available.

The course builds on the June 2021 training on market fundamentals offered to World Bank teams, TTLs, and counterparts in client countries through the IEEKG/ESMAP joint MARCOT program.

Contacts:  Mirlan Aldayarov and/or Tatyana Kramskaya.