Small Hydro Resource Mapping in Tanzania - Prefeasibility Study: Samvya

ESMAP (Energy Sector Management Assistance Program) is a technical assistance program managed by the World Bank and supported by eleven bilateral donors. ESMAP launched in January 2013 an initiative to support the efforts of countries to improve the knowledge of renewable energy (RE) resources, establish appropriate institutional framework for the development of RE and provide free access to geospatial resources and data. This initiative will also support the IRENA-Global Atlas program by improving data availability and quality, consulted through an interactive atlas. The Samvya project is located on the River which it originates near to the Zambian border in the Rukwa region. The Samvya River flows mainly from the Southwest to the Northeast and joins the Nyinaluzi River after passing the active Kanda fault (about 5 kilometers downstream to the hydroelectric project). This prefeasibility study of the Samvya hydroelectric project is delivered in the context of Phase 2 (Ground-based data collection).


World Bank. 2018. Small Hydro Resource Mapping in Tanzania: Prefeasibility Study: Samvya. Energy Sector Management Assistance Program. Washington, D.C.: World Bank Group.

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