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March 21 2018 Spurring Energy Sector Transformation in Ethiopia Ethiopia is on its way to transition to a middle-income country. Access to adequate and reliable electricity will play a crucial role in its journey.


March 21 2018
The Kyrgyz Republic’s cold climate make access to reliable and adequate heating supply critical for people’s well-being. But that need is often not met, as access to district heating is limited to about 17% of Kyrgyz households.
March 21 2018
Electricity reaches less than one-quarter of Haiti’s population, stalling economic and social development. Renewable energy sources such as solar, hydropower, wind, and biomass have enormous potential to bridge the energy access gap.
March 22 2018
While access to grid electricity has expanded in Cambodia to 71.5 percent, reliability of electricity supply can be improved, as nearly two-thirds of households with access face frequent power shortages, says a new World Bank report.
January 22 2018
The Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo, a three-day event where 600+ key industry stakeholders are gathering to take stock of progress and discuss future trends in the off-grid solar sector has kicked off in Hong Kong.
April 17 2018
ESMAP's study Securing Energy for Development in West Bank Gaza examines the different alternatives, including solar energy, that could offer reliable power supply to Gaza. Watch video | Feature Story
April 17 2018
ESMAP’s Dana Rysankova, Lighting Global Program co-Manager, discusses the World Bank’s role in off-grid solar during an interview with the Economist’s Intelligence Unit. Read the full blog post here.
May 2 2018
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Published on: 04/02/2018