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June 13 2017
A recent ESMAP-supported study analyzes the economic effects of higher and volatile prices on oil-importing countries, with emphasis on the power sector, using examples from Latin America and the Caribbean. The study, which comes in response to the needs of policy makers and energy planners in oil-importing countries to better manage exposure to oil price risk, proposes structural measures designed to reduce oil consumption, while a range of financial instruments are suggested for managing price risk in the short term.
July 2 2012
ESMAP has been involved in the development of the Energy+ partnership, through participation in a technical working group helping the partnership get off the ground, providing advice on results based approaches for energy sector programs and effective monitoring mechanisms.  At Rio+20, Energy+ announced three bilateral agreements to scale up access to sustainable energy in Ethiopia's rural areas, replace kerosene lamps with solar alternatives in Kenya, and support Liberia's development of a strategic energy and climate plan.  In all three cases, “payments for results” will be a major emphasis
June 13 2017
ESMAP will play a key role in the World Bank’s support to the Sustainable Energy for All initiative, including a program of technical assistance and policy guidance to help countries establish energy access plans. In this recent interview with Voice of America, listen to Vijay Iyer, Director of the World Bank’s Sustainable Energy Department, talk about the tremendous challenge of expanding energy services in Sub-Saharan Africa



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Published on: 08/01/2012