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Step 4 | Completion and Evaluation Resources


The initial gender assessment conducted prior to the gender action plan provides a baseline for an impact evaluation assessment, which will analyze the gender-specific interventions and impacts.  Gender based outcomes should be considered in the Implementation Completion Report (ICR) or other completion documents. 


The findings and results of gender mainstreaming should be integrated into other energy operations within the country and should feed into ongoing dialogue with the government and utilities.






Check-list of Generic Questions for Evaluation Protocol | Download Resource




This tool may be used in designing a self-evaluation or an external evaluation, and also in developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Gender Action Plan.


Social Development Department, World Bank, 2010. Making Energy Work for Women and Men Tools for Task Teams.


Impact Assessment Questionnaire | Download Resource (forthcoming)

Sample TOR for lead trainer The TOR will assist in defining the requirements of the lead trainer. The lead trainer will be responsible for the successful implementation of the training program and will be expected to work in close consultation with any other trainers on the team.



Outline of Lessons Learned Case Study | Download Resource (forthcoming) – Mali and Senegal Outlines






Sample TORs







Gender: Social Inclusion in the Energy Sector | Online Resources

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