Sample Guidelines: Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment for Hydropower Projects in Turkey

The Guidelines to Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment (CEIA) have been prepared within the scope of a CEIA technical assistance study (CEIA study) supported by the World Bank. The CEIA study was developed based on the need to assess the cumulative impacts of hydropower projects in Turkey and was conducted in coordination and cooperation with the relevant departments of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU) and the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs (MoFWA).


The general objectives of the guidelines are to improve or strengthen the EIA process and implementation, provide support for studies related to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Regulation and future SEA processes, and promote the sustainable development of natural resources as well as enhance basin management planning.


The specific objectives of the guidelines are the following:


  • Provide an overview of the current understanding of the practice of CEIA;

  • Establish the foundation for CEIA studies to be conducted;

  • Enhance the quality and content of project-level EIAs by incorporating cumulative impact assessment considerations;

  • Provide guidance on CEIA scope and methodology;

  • Improve the scoping and reviewing processes; and

  • Inform all relevant stakeholders.


The target group consists of all relevant stakeholders, and in particular experts from the MoEU, consultants who carry out EIAs, members of the review committees, and project owners.

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