Technical Assistance and Lending Project Support for Cities

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Technical Assistance for Cities

Energy Efficient Cities provides direct technical assistance (TA) to help cities identify opportunities for energy efficiency in buildings, water systems, public procurement, and sustainable transport.  This assistance is offered to complement  Cities Alliance's grants for preparing city development strategies. One TA has been completed and a second is under implementation.

Quezon City, Philippines | Energy Efficient Cities completed the first TA to Quezon City.  The assistance has enabled city officials to develop an energy efficient buildings program and prepare a green buildings ordinance. Download the report.

  • Zarqa Municipality, Jordan | Similarly, Energy Efficient Cities is assisting Zarqua Municipality to develop an energy efficient mobility plan for the city downtown area. Donwload the report.


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Lending Project Support for Cities

Energy Efficient Cities continues to work with the World Bank Urban sector operations to leverage financing for energy efficiency investments in cities.  Enegy Efficient Cities has supported eight urban investment lending projects, leveraging over US$500 million in World Bank financing for energy efficiency efforts in municipalities as follows:

  • Armenia | Energy Efficient Cities is assisting the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia energy unit to prepare a public sector energy efficiency retrofit program.  The program will be one the key components of the proposed Electricity Supply Reliability and Energy Efficiency Project.
  • Beijing (China) | Energy Efficient Cities is helping a Bank team to design a project that would finance the development of low-carbon pilot cities in Beijing.
  • Macedonia | Energy Efficient Cities has contributed to leveraging the World Bank’s Global Environment Facility funding to improve energy use in municipal buildings, primary schools, and kindergartens in Skopje, Macedonia.  Energy Efficient Cities is further assisting the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Sustainable Energy Project team to supervise the implementation of the energy efficiency activities.
  • Ningbo (China) | Energy Efficient Cities assisted in the design and preparation of a program that includes implementing an energy-efficient pilot in a rural township and strengthening city capacities.
  • Russia| Energy Efficient Cities is supporting the design of an Energy Efficiency Project that would finance EE investments in all sectors, with the option of using performance contracting in municipal sectors.
  • Tianjin (China) | Energy Efficient Cities helped design and prepare the green building component of the GEF Tianjin Eco City Project.
  • Ukraine | Energy Efficient Cities supported the design and preparation of the municipal energy efficiency component of the Ukraine Energy Efficiency Project.  Energy Efficient Cities also provided technical assistance to carry out a municipal energy efficiency market study covering two cities and sector-wide issues.
  • West Bank | Energy Efficient Cities helped develop a municipal energy efficient retrofit pilot in West Bank.
New operational opportunities continue to be explored around the world.

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