EECI Developing an Energy Efficient Urban Transport Plan for Zarqa City Downtown Area | Jordan


Full Report (Volumes 1 and 2)


Volume 1 |  Final Report


Volume 2 | Appendices


The World Bank/ESMAP received a proposal from the Zarqa Municipality in 2010 seeking technical and financial support for developing an energy efficient urban transport planning strategy for the city’s Downtown area.  This is in accordance with the Government of Jordan’s regional development agenda and is linked with the Cities Alliance grant to prepare inputs for a broader City Development Strategy (CDS) in preparation for a new Zarqa Master Plan to be developed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MOMA). This project’s primary purpose is to develop an energy efficient transport plan for the downtown area of Zarqa.  The study objectives are as follows:


  • Develop a detailed energy efficient mobility plan, identifying specific projects for the Zarqa downtown area; and
  • Develop a plan for easy access to the proposed LRS terminal and stations using an efficient public bus transportation system in the city.
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