Global Geothermal Roundtable 2 | Day 1 Presentations

Session 1 | Accelerating Geothermal Development and Mitigating Resource Risk with Better Data


Drilling Success Rates Based on International Experience

Dr. Subir K. Sanyal, President and Manager, Reservoir Engineering Services, GeothermEx, USA


Developing Global Standards for Classifying Geothermal Resources

Prof. Dr. Horst Rüter, Managing Director, International Geothermal Association Service GmbH, Germany


Early-Stage Data Acquisition as a Factor in Resource Risk

Richard Zehner, Chief Geologist
Geothermal Development Associates, USA


Geothermal Data Repository and Geothermal Resource Assessment and Exploration

Prof. Jan Diederik van Wees,
Professor, Utrecht University, and Principal Scientist, TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands


Geothermal Data Management Systems

Mario Gonzalez Barbosa, Director Geothermal Energy, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Nicaragua


Experience in East Africa and the Need for Global Classifications and Reporting Standards

Dr. Horst Kreuter, Director
Geothermal Power Tanzania


Session 2 | Hard Talk


Geothermal Market Trends

Karl Gawell, Executive Director, Geothermal Energy Association, USA


Session 3 | Resource Risk Mitigation Mechanisms


Global Survey and Comparative Analysis of Geothermal Resource Risk Mitigation

Dr. Subir K. Sanyal, President and Manager, Reservoir Engineering Services, GeothermEx, USA


Individual Support to Private Developers

Tom Harding-Newman, Operations Officer, World Bank Group



Matthias Tönnis, Underwriter, Munich RE, Germany


Cost-Sharing Mechanisms in East Africa and Latin America

Jens Wirth, Project Manager Energy and Financial Sector of the Latin America & the Caribbean, KfW Development Bank, Germany


Risk-Sharing with Private Developers

Mrs. Yael Taranto, Manager-Senior Economist, Turkish Industrial Development Bank


Geothermal Resource Risk Mitigation Mechanisms

Enrique Nieto, Director Sustainable Projects, Nacional Financiera, Mexico


Mitigating Exploration Risk: Indonisia Experience

Freddy Saragih, Director of Risk Management, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia



Ernesto Martinez Tiffer, President of Nicaraguan Electricity Company (ENEL)


Session 4 | Utilizing Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Resources


Binary Technologies for Electricity Production

Thora Hlin Thorsdottir, Mechanical Engineer, Verkis Consulting Engineers , Iceland


Binary Geothermal Power Plants: Global Distribution

Nachman Isaac, Vice President, Project Finance and Development, Ormat Technologies, USA


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