Europe and Central Asia: New Strategy Makes District Heating Efficient and Affordable to All
August 13 2010


Program Highlights


ESMAP supports a comprehensive and diverse portfolio of energy projects in Europe and Central Asia region, ranging from renewable energy and energy efficiency to energy security and energy vulnerability. In partnership with the World Bank Energy Group responsible for Europe and Central Asia region, ESMAP is financing Analytical and Advisory Activities, and knowledge sharing activities.


In June 2009, a workshop was held in Kharkiv, Ukraine to present the Final Strategy Report to key stakeholders. The Strategy aims to reform the heating sector, attract massive investments for system upgrades, and make efficiency improvements while protecting vulnerable groups from price shocks through direct social transfer mechanisms. The report provides a detailed description of Kharkiv’s district heating strategy, and it also outlines a detailed implementation plan. Kharkiv’s district heating strategywas designed under Ukraine’s Affordable Gas-fired District Heating Project.

 Under theMoldova District Heating Restructuring project a Policy Note has been prepared for release, in the fall at a workshop in Chisinau. The Policy Note provides key findings on restructuring options for the Chisinau district heating, advice on tariff setting and social protection for vulnerable populations, as well as supply and demand-side energy efficiency investment assessment. The workshop will be attended by district heating sector officials, policy makers, public and private sector participants, and the donor community. 



Peter Johansen

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