Renewable Energy Training Program


Please note, this training is no longer offered.  This content is being provided for information purposes only.




The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), in collaboration with the Advisory Services of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), carried out a comprehensive training program on Renewable Energy (RE) for World Bank Group (WBG) staff in 2012. The program was also available to interested energy sector stakeholders from client countries, donors and NGOs upon request. 

The key objective of the program was to strengthen the overall level of knowledge of WBG staff on Renewable Energy, increasing their effectiveness when engaging on renewable energy related analytical work, technical assistance, and investment operations. This would translate into higher quality advice to clients, contributing to better informed government policies and better structured public and private investment operations.

Delivery Method
The program was comprised of eight face-to-face modules; with adobe connect sessions for off-site participants. Training contents for each session were developed and delivered by leading experts, both internal and external to the Bank, and reviewed by the program’s Advisory Committee. Participants benefited from selected background documents, thematic presentations and case studies, as well as from the discussions happening during the training sessions.

Speakers included the main technology providers for each technology, developers, independent engineers, project rating agencies, professional associations and leading experts at reputed universities and The World Bank Group.


Each technology-specific module covered the following topics:

  • Technology overview
  • Market analysis and economics
  • Project development and operation
  • Environmental and social impacts
  • Experience and role of the WBG
  • Lessons learned
    Cross-cutting modules covered the following issues:
  • Policy incentives and financial support mechanisms for renewable energy
  • Financing of renewable energy projects
  • Grid integration, transmission and distribution
  • Technical due diligence
    Access to Training Materials
    The following references, presentations and other materials have been authorized by the speakers to be made public.


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