Global Geothermal Roundtable 3 | Day 2 Presentations

Introduction to Day 2
  Mr. Thráinn Fridriksson,
Geothermal Specialist, ESMAP, The World Bank

Lecture: Development of Standards for Geothermal Resource Classification—
An Update
| Mr. Horst Rüter,
Managing Director, IGA Service GmbH

Session 1 | Clinic: Increasing the Value of Geothermal Resources | Moderator: Mr. Efstratios Tavoulareas, Senior Energy Advisor, International Finance Corporation

1.1  Overview of Direct Geothermal Applications and Uses Worldwide
   Mr. Árni Ragnarsson, Engineer, Iceland GeoSurvey
1.2  Heating, Cooling and Drying Using Geothermal Energy
   Mr. Thorleikur Jóhannesson,
Mechanical Engineer, Verkís
1.3  HS Orka Resource Park, Society without Waste
   Ms. Kristín Vala Matthíasdóttir,
Vice President Resource Park, HS Orka
1.4  Geothermal Well Head Units
  Ms. Elín Hallgrímsdóttir, Mechanical Engineer, Mannvit
1.5  First Results of GeoCap Studies of the Potential of Geothermal Direct Use in Western Java and of Low Enthalpy Geothermal Electricity to Replace Diesel Fired Generators
   Mr. Guus Willemsen, Manager Business Development, IF Technologies

Session 2 | Clinic:  Management of Geothermal Gases | Moderator: Mr. Adonai Herrera-Martinez, Senior Manager, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


2.1  Gases in Geothermal Fluids and Emissions from Geothermal Power Plants
  Mr. Thráinn Fridriksson,
Geothermal Specialist, The World Bank

2.2  Commercial Gas from Geothermal
   J. Rúnar Magnússon, Mechanical Energy Engineer, EFLA
2. 3 Geothermal Gas Management at Hellisheidi Power Plant
  Ms. Hólmfrídur Sigurdardóttir,
Head of Environmental Affairs, Reykjavik Energy
2.4  Academic Studies Related to Carbfix and Sulfix
   Dr. Sigurdur Reynir Gíslason, Research Professor of Geochemistry,
Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
Session 3 | Clinic: Geothermal Drilling—Contract Structure, Project Management and Financing | Moderator: Raihan Elahi, Sr. Energy Specialist, the World Bank Group

3.1  Overview of Geothermal Drilling
   Mr. Ari Stefánsson,
Project Manager Deep Drilling, HS Orka

3.2  Planning and Management of Geothermal Drilling at Theistareykir, NE Iceland
   Mr. Bjarni Pálsson,
Project Manager, Landsvirkjun
3.3  Drilling Contractor as a Source of Equity Stake
   Mr. Vilhjálmur Gudmundsson,
Director Business Development Latin America & Caribbean, Iceland Drilling
3.4  Technical and Market Barriers to Cost Effective Geothermal Drilling—Case Study of Chile
   Lilja Tryggvadóttir and Carlos Jorquera, Mannvit Engineering

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